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About Laylita

My name is Layla Pujol, my family and friends call me Laylita. I was born in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and currently live in Luxembourg. I love to travel. Discovering new places and trying new foods is one of my main sources of inspiration.

I love to cook. Many of my recipes are inspired by traditional Ecuadorian dishes that I grew up eating in Ecuador. I am obsessed with Latin American food. My food is also influenced by my mom’s spicy New Mexican cooking, my grandmother’s homemade Southwestern dishes and Texas-style BBQ, my husband’s (and his family’s) delicious French food.

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Entertaining for the holidays

Yo Cocino Latino

Un libro de cocina con las recetas más populares de nuestros blogs.

Incluye platos tradicionales de Ecuador, Colombia, México, Cuba y República Dominicana. También tiene recetas internacionales y veganas, con un delicioso toque latino.  


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