Latin desserts

Some of my favorite recipes for delicious Latin desserts and decadent sweet treats like arroz con leche rice pudding, sweet empanadas, coconut ice cream, tres leches cake, caramelize fruits, pineapple flan, passion fruit mousse, and more.

Manjar or dulce de leche: Recipe for homemade manjar or dulce de leche, a traditional Latin caramel dessert made by caramelizing milk and sugar.
Manjar or dulce de leche caramel recipe

Tropical fruit salad {Come y Bebe}: Come y bebe is an Ecuadorian tropical fruit salad. This simple and refreshing fruit salad is made with papaya, pineapple, banana and orange juice.

Tropical fruit salad

Pineapple flan {Flan de piña}: Pineapple flan, also known as flan de piña or queso de piña, is a custard like dessert made with fresh pineapple juice, sugar, milk, eggs, vanilla and rum.

Pineapple flan dessert

Chocolate tres leches cake: Recipe for a delicious chocolate tres leches cake topped with a creamy dulce de leche frosting and toasted coconut.

Tres leches chocolate cake with caramel frosting

Coconut ice cream: Homemade coconut ice cream recipe made with coconut milk, cream, sugar, fresh grated coconut, and dark rum. Served with roasted coconut shavings.

Recipe for coconut ice cream

Passion fruit mousse : Recipe for mousse de maracuya or passion fruit mousse, a delicious and easy to make South American dessert. This tropical mousse is made with passion fruit pulp, whipping cream or condensed milk, egg whites and sugar.

Maracuya mousse

Espumillas or guava meringue cream: Espumillas are a a popular street food in Ecuador, this dessert is a meringue cream made with fruit pulp, typically guava or guayaba, egg whites and sugar.

Espumillas or guava meringue cream

Chocolate dulce de leche empanadas: Recipe for chocolate dulce de leche empanadas made with a homemade chocolate empanada dough and filled with creamy dulce de leche or caramel.

Chocolate empanadas with dulce de leche filling

Dulce de higos: Dulce de higos or fig preserves in spiced syrup are made by cooking ripe figs in a syrup of panela/piloncillo or brown cane sugar and spices.

Dulce de higos or fig preserves in spiced syrup

Arroz con leche {Latin style rice pudding} : Easy recipe for homemade arroz con leche, a classic Latin American rice pudding dessert made with rice, milk, cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and condensed milk.

Arroz con leche rice pudding recipe

Pumpkin empanadas: Delicious homemade pumpkin empanadas made with caramelized or candied pumpkin, cooked in panela or piloncillo syrup with cinnamon, clove and all spice.

Pumpkin empanadas

Layered gelatin flag popsicles {Helados tricolor}: Easy recipe for layered gelatin flag popsicles made with flavored gelatin or jello, water, and sugar. The perfect treat for a national holiday or sports events. Customize them with your country or team colors. You can also make them using fresh fruit.

Flag popsicles

Caramelized plantains: Easy recipe for ripe plantains caramelized in a spiced syrup of panela/piloncillo brown sugar, sweet wine, cinnamon, and spices.

Caramelized plantains