Here are a few popular Ecuadorian dessert recipes. In Ecuador, we have such an amazing selection of tropical fruit, that many times a simple piece of fruit, such as a mango, zapote, babaco, guanabana, granadilla, among others, can be a great dessert.

Ecuadorian fruits

Come y bebe: Simple and refreshing Ecuadorian drinkable fruit salad made with papaya, pineapple, banana and orange juice.

Ecuadorian tropical fruit salad

Espumillas: A popular street food in Ecuador, this dessert is a meringue cream made with fruit pulp, typically guava or guayaba, egg whites and sugar.

Ecuadorian Espumillas or guava meringue cream

Dulce de higos: Dulce de higos are fig preserves cooked slowly in a syrup of panela or brown cane sugar and spices.

Ecuadorian Dulce de higos or fig preserves in spiced syrup

Dulce de zapallo: Dulce de zapallo is a dessert made with squash or pumpkin simmered in a syrup of panela or hard brown cane sugar and spices.

Ecuadorian Dulce de zapallo

Flan de coco: Coconut flan with orange caramel

Coconut flan or flan de coco

Flan de piña: Flan de piña is a pineapple flan or custard made with fresh pineapple juice, sugar, milk, eggs, vanilla and rum.

Ecuadorian pineapple flan dessert