These are some of my  recipes for some of the most popular street food  in Ecuador. Some Ecuadorian street food dishes are easy to re-create at home and some are more complicated, or made with harder to find ingredients. These street food recipes are perfect for those who crave these popular foods, but are either far away, don’t want to risk eating it on the street, or simply think that these dishes are so good that they should part of regular menu you could make at home or serve for a party.

Carne en palito o pinchos de res: Carne en palito are thin pieces of meat seasoned with garlic, achiote and cumin and grilled on skewers.

Carne en palito, pinchos, chuzos

Ceviche de chochos: A vegetarian ceviche made with chocho beans, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, limes, oranges and tomato sauce. It is served with maiz tostado, chifles or plantain chips, avocados and hot sauce.

Vegetarian ceviche made with chochos, lupini, tarwi o altramuz beans

Chifles: Chifles or tajadas are chips made by frying green plantains or green bananas.

Chifles or plantain chips

Choclo asado con salsa de queso: Grilled corn with a cilantro queso fresco sauce

Grilled corn on the cob with queso fresco garlic cilantro sauce

Empanadas de viento: Empanadas de viento are Ecuadorian empanadas stuffed with cheese and onion, then fried and sprinkled with sugar.

Cheese empanadas or empanadas de viento

Espumillas: A popular street food in Ecuador, this dessert is a meringue cream made with fruit pulp, typically guava or guayaba, egg whites and sugar.

Espumillas or guava meringue cream

Salchipapas: Salchipapas or French fries with fried hot dog sausages are a very typical and popular Ecuadorian street food.

Ecuadorian salchipapas with salsa rosada and curtido


For a more comprehensive list of Ecuadorian street food, especially if visiting Ecuador, you can read this post about my recommendations and descriptions of the 15+ Ecuadorian street food dishes to try.