Here is a list of some of my favorite Spanish and Latin food blogs. I am very inspired by these bloggers and can relate to their passion for food and their food-related stories. The authors of these blogs are people who I wouldn’t mind having a cup of coffee with (or a glass of wine, margarita, mojito, capirinha, pisco sour, etc), while we talk about food. Most of these blogs are written in English or bilingual. I also have a list of favorite food blogs that are mainly in Spanish (and few in Portuguese) on the Spanish section of my site. I highly recommend checking all of them out, even for those where you might not understand the language, you will still be able to appreciate the photos (and some have online translation tools).

A list of my favorite Latin Food Blogs



 Latin food blogs in English and Spanish



Aromas & Sabores

Aromas n Sabores food blog

Heidi Leon Monges is a Mexican expat living abroad, currently in Marrakech. A former chef, she currently teaches cooking classes. I love her photos! In addition, I recently found out that we’re both married to French men. Though, I’m slightly jealous that her husband is actually a pastry chef. Check out her flan tequila recipe.


Aunt Clara’s Kitchen – Dominican Cooking blog

Written by Aunt Clara and Aunt Ilana, from the Dominican Republic. Their pollo guisado or braised chicken looks so comforting! Their recipes are also available in Spanish.



El Invitado de Invierno / The Winter Guest

El invitado de invierno food blog

Written by Miriam Garcia, who lives in Spain, in both Spanish and English. The food and photos are beautiful, a couple of my personal favorites include the Garlic Soup Shots  and the Turron Ice cream.


BAs Cooking

BAs cooking blog

Written by Sylvia in Buenos Aires. Each post is available in English, Spanish and Portuguse. The photography is beautiful. Check out her chimichurri  and her churros and hot vanilla scented chocolate


En Mi Cocina Hoy 

En Mi Cocina Hoy blog

Written by Pilar Hernandez, originally from Chile and currently living in Texas. En Mi Cocina Hoy is written in both Spanish and English. My favorites include Ceviche de Machas or Razor Clam Ceviche  and the Dulce de Leche mousse looks to die for.


La Cocina de Leslie

La Cocina de Leslie blog

Written by Leslie, originally from South California, but currently living close to Guadalajara. Check out her refreshing agua de tamarindo and her breakfast enchiladas.


Michelle O. Fried – Toda una vida de sabor

Michelle O. Fried food blog

Written by Michelle O. Fried, an ecological public health nutritionist and an advocate for the nutritional value of the traditional food and ingredients of Ecuador and the Andes. She is the author of the classic cookbook, Comidas del Ecuador: recetas tradicionales para la gente de hoy,and the new cookbook, Un mundo de comida con los ingredientes del Ecuador. She shares a way to eat, cook, and live that is delicious and healthy for you and for the planet. Try her recipes for chocolate cake with quinoa or the blackened fish with amaranth.


My Colombian Recipes

My Colombian Recipes food blog

Written by Erica, living in the US, but originally from Colombia. Her blog is inspired by her grandmother Mamita. One of my favorite Colombian dishes is bandeja paisa, she has a great recipe for this dish. Also, try her Colombian empanadas made with corn meal.


Nibbles & Feasts

Nibbles and Feasts food blog

Written by Ericka Sanchez, from Mexico and currently living in LA. Try her horchata cupcakes or her potato and cotija cheese patties.


Provecho Peru

Provecho Peru food blog

Written by Gretchen, an American living in Peru and married to a Peruvian. I originally “met” her a few years ago through her previous blog (Canela y Comino).  There are so many similarities between Ecuadorian and Peruvian food – especially the Andean recipes, that I always see something that makes me homesick, like this estofado de pollo or chicken stew . Gretchen is also a great baker and incorporates a Peruvian twist into the goodies she bakes, check out her Pisco Sour cupcakes.


Mommyhood’s Diary 

Mommyhood's Diary food blog

Written by Oriana Romero, born and raised in Caracas, and currently living in the Washington DC area. Try her Venezuelan Shredded Beef (Carne Mechada) or her Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes . Recipes are available in English and Spanish.


Sweet Life

Sweet Life food blog

Written by Vianney Rodriguez in Texas. Her site has delicious Tex-Mex recipes and some great Margarita recipes. Check out her grapefruit margarita  and Chicharron en Salsa Verde.


La cocina de Vero

La cocina de Vero blog

Written by Verónica Cervera, originally from Cuba and living in Miami. You can’t miss these yummy empanadas filled with chocolate and chipotle or this coconut and cream cheese flan!




 Latin food blogs in English



Always Order Dessert

Always Order Dessert food blog

Written by Alejandra Ramos in NYC. Try her Sweet potato, caramelized onion, bacon empanadas or this refreshing Cilantro Daiquiri 


Lola’s Cocina

Lola's Cocina food blog

Written by Dolores Wiarco Dweck, also known as Lola. Her blog focuses on Mexican cooking and recipes. Try her Chilaquiles Verdes  and her Guava agua fresca 


Hungry Food Love

Hungry Food Love blog

Written by Melissa, currently living in the US, but originally from the Dominican Republic. Her peach flan  looks amazing, and so do these Pasteles en Hoja/Dominican tamales 


From Argentina with Love

From Argentina with Love food blog

Written by Rebecca, living in Denver, her husband is from Argentina. Her blog not only feature delicious Argentinean recipes, but also stories that give you a glimpse into life in Argentina. Her dulce de leche donuts and her empanada section. *Her blog hasn’t been updated in a while (sometimes life gets in the way), but it’s still a great resource for Argentinean recipes.*


Hungry Sofia

Hungry Sofia food blog

Written by Ana Sofia, living in New York and of Cuban descent. Her beautiful recipes explore many different regions of Latin America. Try her recipe for templeque or coconut custard.


Presley’s Pantry

Presley's Pantry food blog

Written by one of the most creative food bloggers I know, Nicole Presley is a Mexican-American living in LA. Check out her recipe for a mouthwatering mango upside-down cake  or these refreshing melon raspberry paletas . Also, don’t miss her videos, they’re awesome!


Flanboyant Eats

Flanboyant Eats blog

Written by Bren Herrera, a Cuban girl living in both DC and Atlanta. I would recommend starting with her recipe for Citrus Mojo-Infused Latin Grilled Chicken With Mango-Jalapeño Relish  and finishing the meal with any of her amazing flan recipes (I couldn’t choose just one).


Muy Bueno Cookbook

Muy Bueno Cookbook blog

Written by Yvette Marquez, originally from El Paso, Texas, and currently living in Colorado. Their recipes are inspired by their grandmother Jesusita. Check out the Molotes or Oaxacan Masa Empanadas and the blood orange mezcal margarita.


Peru Delights

Peru Delights food blog

Written by a mother and daughter team living in the US, but originally from Peru. Check out their chicken anticuchos or their rocotos rellenos


Mind Over Batter 

Mind Over Batter food blog

Written by Angela Sanchez-Robles, aka Bosslady. I dare you to try and resist her Guava Cheese Itty Bitty Pie Bites  or this chocolate banana upside down skillet cake


Spicie Foodie

Spicie Foodie blog

Nancy is a Mexican expat living in Europe. Try her recipe for Cochinita Pibil or her black sesame polvorones.


The Mija Chronicles

The Mija Chronicles blog

Written by Lesley, a culinary guide and food writer based in Mexico City. The site includes recipes as well as recommendations for places to eat in Mexico’s capital. Try her recipe for migas with red peppers and peas


The Other Side of the Tortilla

The Other Side of the Tortilla blog

Written by Maura Hernandez in Los Angeles, her husband is from Mexico. Try her atole de fresa or strawberry corn drink and her homemade chorizo.


Adriana’s Best Recipes 

Adriana's Best Recipes blog

Written by Adriana Martin, originally from Mexico and living in the US. Try her Spicy Mango Margarita  or her Strawberry Jalapeño Salsa 


La Piña en la Cocina 

La Piña en la Cocina blog

Written by Sonia Mendez Garcia, she currently lives in central New York, but is originally from California. Sonia’s food photos always look so warm and comforting, for example don’t these Mexican style tamales  make you wish she was your neighbor? Or how about these mouthwatering chiles rellenos de pollo?


Cooking with Books

Cooking with Books food blog

Written by Marnely, a pastry chef originally from the Dominican Republic and currently living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. I would love to try her Dominican Chimi Burger  or her Vanilla Rumchata Flan 


The Noshery 

The Noshery food blog

Written by Meseidy, a Puerto Rican living in the US. For an ultimate comfort food dish try her Risotto Criollo with ripe plantains and steak  or her asopao de camarones 


Hola Jalapeño

Hola Jalapeño food blog

Written by Kate Ramos, a nueva Latina cooking her way through Mexico, Central America, and beyond. Try her Pecan and Pineapple Capriotada {Mexican Bread Pudding}  and/or these Papas Bravas with Chamoy Aioli


From Brazil to You

From Brazil to You food blog

Written by Denise Browning, originally from Pernambuco, Brazil and currently living in Texas. Try her recipe for Brazilian Chicken Fritters (Coxinha de Frango)  or the Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles (Brigadeiros) 



This is by no means a comprehensive list; the blogs included here are some that have been around for a while, as well as some new ones that I have recently discovered. I would love to keep adding more Latin American and Spanish food blogs to this list. Suggestions are welcome.


For more food blogs that I follow, check out my blogroll of that includes the rest of my favorite food bloggers.