Ecuadorian fruits

Here is a list of the most popular Ecuadorian fruits. Ecuador’s great climate and diverse geographic regions allow it grow a large variety of delicious fruits. Many are native to the country and others, especially fruits native to Asia, have been introduced in more recent years. You will find many of these at the local mercados or markets in most cities. Some of these are available year round, while some are seasonal. There are some Ecuadorian fruits that are less likely to be found for sale – mainly because they aren’t considered worth it to sell when they grow like weeds or people can easily just pick them pretty much anywhere. One of the best things about Ecuadorian fruits is that almost of all of them can be made into jugos or juices. Freshly made juices are one of my favorite parts of visiting Ecuador.

Ecuador fruits
The selection of fruit will also vary from the Coastal cities to the Andean or Highland areas. It’s also very common to find street vendors selling a selection of fruit; they usually load up a wheelbarrow full of different fruit and move from one corner to another in the central parts of the bigger cities. If you travel by road throughout Ecuador (probably unavoidable if you really want to see the country), you will find fruit stalls set up at different points of each route. If you are going by bus, it is likely that people will get on the bus and try to sell you bags of mangos, mandarins, sweet lemons, or slices of watermelon, pineapple and more.

Fruits at the market in Ecuador Ecuadorian fruit basket
I am providing the names by which these fruits are more commonly known in Ecuador. Some are also popular in other Latin countries, but might have a different name depending on each country. Even within Ecuador we have fruits that are known by one name in the Sierra or Andes region and by a completely different name in the Coastal region.

Fruits from Ecuador

Naranjilla or lulo
Chirimoya or cherimoya
Guanabana or soursop
Passion fruit or maracuya
Uvillas or gooseberry
Nisperos or loquat/nance
Ciruelas or obos/ovos
Carambola or starfruit
Mora or Andean blackberry
Granada or pomegranate
Taxo (Banan passion fruit)
Toronche or chamburo
Tree tomato or tamarillo
Tuna or prickly pear
Pepino dulce
Pitaya (dragonfruit)
Reina Claudia or plums